When I meet someone I envision them without their cars, job, career, degrees, house and see them for who they really are at the core.

Mantra: Peace, Love and Blessing Friends. Happy Sunday!In life, we come across exceptional individuals, and we wonder "who are they?" But even more than "who they are?" We typically find ourselves very interested in knowing "How they became who they are." As we ask ourselves these questions, we must always remember, in every great person life, there are trials & tribulations, ups & down, and it's how these individuals deal with adversity, that truly great.

Superficial connectedness appears to be a preference in the collective unconscious of millennials and today society. We live in a world of judgment.

We qualify everything in varying degrees of right and wrong, good and bad, pretty and ugly.The presence of judgment is pervasive in our lives, yet subtle enough in some cases to pass unnoticed. I have worked for years at ridding my life of all judgment, but it’s far easier said than done! Just when I begin to think I’ve eradicated all traces of the poison, it pops up again, wearing a new disguise. While we exist and take our journey in a more superficial and materialistic let us keep in mind having supportive, honest people in your life can make a huge difference in your overall happiness (and theirs).

I would rather know you than judge you by your material assets that you may have accumulated. Who are you really? A question we can All ask ourselves.