UNDER THE SEA: Chloe Moretz to star in The Little Mermaid movie

Over the weekend, the Amityville Horror star has taken to social media to reveal the news on her latest endeavor, posting an article from Variety Magazine—who first released the story on Friday, November 6th—on her Instagram account @chloegmoretz. Apparently, such news has been a much anticipated secret as Moretz tweeted on Saturday, “Been waiting a long time to tell you guys!! #TheLittleMermaid going to be a beautiful experience! Can’t wait to show everyone my mermaid!”

The project is still in early stages and has not yet been dated, nor have there been any official announcements disclosing more information about who the rest of the cast members will be. What we do know is the live-action movie will be the most recent version of the fairy-tale hit by Hans Christian Andersen with Exec VP of Production Erik Baiers and creative executive Chloe Yellin overseeing the project for Universal; Working Title’s Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner will produce while Liza Chasin and Amelia Granger will executive produce the film. The original story is about a restless adolescent mermaid who goes to great lengths to leave her family for a whole new world and becomes human after saving a prince from drowning and falling in love. And who better to write a wildly entertaining box office hit than Academy Award nominee Richard Curtis—who is known primarily for romantic comedies infused with British humor such as “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, “Love, Actually” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary”.


Apparently, not everyone was quite as eager to see Mortez debut her mermaid moves. It has been confirmed by various sources that Sofia Coppola—who was originally proposed to direct—left the project earlier this year due to creative differences. Coppola’s intriguingly raw esthetic is deeply rooted to her “indie” background with atendency to delve into darker, stylistically complex storylines that may perhaps alienate parts of the audience The Little Mermaid was intended for. According to an article by The Wrap, Coppola wanted to cast a less-known actress for the starring role of Ariel, but received major pushback from Universal execs who argued the film’s budget justified an established star like Chloe Moretz, who is thanking her lucky stars for such an opportunity.