Amy Schumer at White House Event on Gun Control

On the morning of the 5th of January, President Barack Obama gave a heart breaking speech at the White House about what our next steps as a nation should be on gun control and what those changes would look like. Many notables were in attendance for the announcement, especially those who have been vocal advocates for the tighter restrictions on this sore subject. The most currently notable guest was in the front row: A-List celeb Amy Schumer.

34 year old actress, writer, and all around favorite blonde, Schumer has been a supporter of stricter gun control laws for a while now, and with the help of her cousin who also happens to be US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York), she has been increasingly vocal in her own campaign to bring about change when it comes the very touchy area of the Second Amendment.

Her involvement stems from personal ties to the matter. On July 23, 2015, during an evening showing of her latest summer romantic comedy film “Trainwreck”, a man local police described as a “drifter” came to Lafayette, La, and at one point during the film rose to his feet and began to fire his semi-automatic handgun into the surrounding crowd of movie goers. It was discovered later that the shooter suffered from mental illness for many years, and was still allowed to purchase the firearm that was used in the shooting. The gun purchase itself was completely legal and processed.

Such close proximity to Miss Schumer’s work and the shooting have created personal ties to the movement for her, and has caused her to become a stronger advocate and even somewhat of a spokesperson in the move to push for tighter gun control that in summary, aim for more intensive background checks for individuals looking to procure firearms. The reasoning, is to keep what happened in Lafayette, Colorado, Isla Vista, Oregon, and Columbine, from ever happening again. Or at the very least, make it harder to have happen again.