#JonVoyage: Saying Farewell to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart aired his final episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Thursday night! That is right folks, Jon Stewart, the king who gifted us his unique brand of hilarious, brutally honest and heartfelt editorialized news reporting has officially abdicated his throne after over 16 years. Of course he went out in style; A potpourri-ed assemblage of former colleagues turned beloved friends, politicians and even some of Hollywood’s finest stars dropped in to bid him adieu. The heartfelt farewell given by host of the Late Show’s Stephen Colbert was undoubtedly the most touching goodbye of the night, thanking him and crediting Stewart for the launch of his career, along with the careers of others and saying they “were all better people for having known [Stewart]”.

His #JonVoyage was an emotional event for all involved, peppered with bittersweet moments of humor that challenged, charmed and disarmed us one last time, in the way that only Stewart is capable. For all those times he said what others could/would not, for the times he treated people and important issues with thedignity of honesty and compassion, for all the times he “called it as he saw it” , and for all the times he encouraged Americans to look beyond the veil and sift through the bullshit of politics,lies and distractions. And for all the times he was able to do all of these things with humor and always a touch of class, he will be sorely missed.

Bon Voyage Jon Stewart.

Hello, World!