Watch out, Cookie Lyon might just take your cookies.

Let’s talk cookies for a second. I’m one hundred percent certain you didn’t know there are eight different types of cookies. So to put you up on game, their are bar cookies, drop cookies, fried cookies, molded cookies, no-bake cookies, refrigerator (ice box) cookies, rolled cookies and sandwich cookies.

But besides all that sweet talk, we’re going to focus on one special cookie, which just so happens to be a whole lot of woman… Cookie Lyon!

Let’s be real… I mean, who doesn’t love an assertive, yet positively vindictive woman.  Just like a freshly baked batch, Cookie Lyon is the epitome of what EVERY cookie, or shall I say, woman should be. And just like the refreshing glass of ice cold milk used to wash it down is exactly what every man should be to his cookie. Sure, maybe some women don’t have the guts to be as intimidating, or affirmative as Cookie. But to embody the essence of her character in the real world just as its done on the number one rated FOX television series, EMPIRE, would catapult the women gender into a lane of democracy and authority like never before. Power is everything to some folks nowadays, especially to the women who work twice as hard just to surpass the traditional hierarchy of man.

The effortlessly, prominent FOX TV series has been such a success in numbers and views as to where 50 cent, the star of POWER, a competing TV series featured on Starz Network lashed out at Cookie. Yes, I said it. A man started hating on a woman simply because she surpassed him at his own game. Now tell me that ain’t a sweet ass bite of jealously for you to sink your nosy little teeth into. 50 cent took to social media and fired shots at Cookie personally, as well as the directors who are the masterminds behind the banging TV series. Cookie, legitimately known as Taraji P. Henson, kept it classy and sassy and refrained from entertaining his bullshit. She confidently stated on a red carpet interview, I have more important things to focus on than an insecure man worried about his spot being taken.

EMPIRE’s storyline pivots around the progressive obstacles of the music industry highlighting ambiguity, maliciousness and deviousness of those who desperately claw their way in and up the ladder. So to all the women who wish to be a prized possessed cookie, be sure to take a bite out of Season 2 of the hit FOX TV series EMPIRE, airing September 2015. Hey, and keep your crumbs to yourself.