12 year old gets caught trying to "Netflix and Chill."

Yeah.. The title pretty much explains itself in a nutshell. 

When it comes to the Internet, there's a no chill zone when it comes to "Netflix and Chill." There are million of memes flooding the Internet, but nothing compares to what you're about to see. The levels of debauchery hit an all time when this video of a 12 year old boy got caught trying to Netflix and Chill surfaced. His level of honesty is equivalent to Future, but I won't disclose any further details. Just hit the play button and enjoy. 

WARNING: If you're operating a motor vehicle, taking a poop, or sitting at the dinner table, proceed with caution on the play button. Many Baby Boomers (parents over 50) may find this extremely disturbing. For anyone born in between the years 1986-1994, grab the application below to prevent sudden surprises.

Jamel Bullock