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Barry Young’s insanely hilarious YELP review of St. John’s Hospital morgue-from the position of a cadaver- is one of the most brilliant and astoundingly innovative pieces of Pop culture satire I’ve ever read.

Titled “My latest review morphs into a Cyberpunbk serial” Young writes/reviews/posts about the morgue:

“Can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr Armen Ghookasian, the pathologist who just performed a flawless & truly memorable autopsy on me. He was discerning, meticulous and also able to ‘think outside the body bag’, as it were.

That’s how he came to find the microscopic injection site hidden in a mole/freckle on the top of my left foot near my 3rd metatarsal, wherein an overdose of one of the 3 anti- psychotics I am prescribed (long story) had been injected.

“He’s also the only Heath Care Professional who has ever gotten my brain weight and penis length right: 39.2213 grams and 19.441 cm, respectively.”

Later in the review, he writes:

“P.S. Whoa! The guy who killed me just broke in, overpowered and then tasered Stephanie (Max is on a cappuccino run). With remarkable focus and calm efficiency, he has removed me from Reefer Unit 9. I had expected this to be my home for few more weeks awaiting inquests, etc., so I’m feeling a bit discomfited and apprehensive about this new course of events. He is now wheeling me out thru the basement & across the loading dock and propelling me into the back an unmarked, refrigerated van.”

Young is a former commercial director with Bedford Falls and Cognito Films, with a reel-full of major corporate advertising campaigns. Newly repped by a top talent agency, Young is poised to break new ground- in the shifting sands of Holywoodland.

 In 2001, he broke away from, Cognito Films after being up-braided by the owner for setting off an M-80, an illegal firecracker, in the alley behind the Santa Monica offices. Apparently a PA’s failed attempt to warn the office “LOUDLY” - of the forthcoming explosion, infuriated the owner although Young was un- concerned, saying “this IS Hollywood, after all.” Young decided soon after, to start his own online TV Network, “In2iTV” but was unfortunately, too far ahead of his time to make it happen.

YouTube and live streaming were not widely available yet, so the content he produced, shows like “L’Assisine,” starring CeCe Christian (see recent TCM article) never saw the light of day. After a lengthy period of gestation and now that the tech world has caught up to him, Young is back in full force, his wit, cutting edge sensibility and humor about to unleashed on an un- suspecting world Combining a Woody Allen cynicism with David Lynch take on the world, Young’s audacious brave new world of entertainment is sure to take us on creative journeys we never expected and could never imagine.