Talks, tales, trust with our toys, just like the movie ‘Ted’!

“How would it feel, if your favorite teddy bear since childhood, hugged you with a comforting note, to wipe your tears and flash a smile?”


“How would it feel, if your cute, little doll shared secrets with you, right from the time you held her as a toy?”


“How would it feel if you rode your toy bikes, drove toy cars and flew your very own toy airplane high in the sky?”


“How would it feel if every single childhood toy had a heart, mind and life just like your own?”

Wouldn’t each of these feeling be too wonderful to express! Wouldn’t it be great if our own teddy bear talked and walked around like John Bennett’s bear from the movie ‘Ted’ and ‘Ted 2’!

A very unique concept, yet something that we all can relate to, our childhood toys become our first best friends in life. Holding, playing, eating, sleeping, keeping them around us forever, they begin to live in our mind and talk to our thoughts. With both of these movies, director Seth MacFarlan was able to bring back childhood, as each of us dreamt about our own version of this story.

Just like the equation portrayed between Ted and John, childhood toys are filled with innocence and trust. While ignorance or hatred from other friends could turn us away, a strong bond with these toys seemed to be an answer for everything! ‘Ted’ and ‘Ted 2’ highlighted this love and purity, the way every child would ever feel. Though John grows up for a new phase of life, his ‘Ted’ continues to support him through every thin and thin.

When the first movie ‘Ted’ introduced such a lively toy, I secretly wished to add life in mine too! Be it watching movies together or discussing about troubles in life, be it enjoying free time on weekends or worrying about love life;  colorful talks, debates, arguments and discussions between Ted and John felt totally wonderful. With no preconceived notions and judgements, as these two supported each other through their adventures, the storyline was successful in portraying true relation between a person and his toy.

As our very own companions that shall always stay with us to listen to our stories and be patient with our experiences, these childhood wonders form a strong bond. Though we march ahead on the journey of our life and become elder enough to no longer play with them, their memories can never be erased. Sight of these toys in photos, cupboards or with our younger siblings and friends, bring back the happiness and joy in magnified quantities.

When Ted shifts to a new apartment, keeping himself away from John and his girlfriend ‘Lori’, the plot was able to demonstrate a pain of separation that we all encounter, as priorities change in life. It makes us wish that things freeze and we soak in the presence of such innocence forever.        

Donny’s attempts to capture and trap Ted truly felt like villains, harming their friendship and love. And John’s and Lori’s efforts to bring him back to life as true miracles!

So, while the movie ‘Ted’ gave a wonderful opportunity to explore the life of a ‘live toy’, it’s sequel ‘Ted 2’ offered a deeper view of their relations and experiences. From ‘Ted’s wedding with ‘Tami’ to his job in a supermarket, from his struggles to adopt a child, to fights in courtroom to prove his existence, the story got more and more interesting. Their adventures in ‘Comic Con’ that lead to John’s accident and final scene when Ted holds himself responsible for his dear friend’s death; strengthened their friendship as strong as it could get.

When the story concludes with John’s safe health, Ted’s victory and little bundle of joy between Ted and ‘Tami’, the entire experience appears like a wonderful tale. The script was able to reach everyone’s heart as this unique friendship between a boy and his toy, felt absolutely true.

As Ted and John tease each other during these movies, I could almost relate to dream conversations with my dolls and bears ! Indeed, an invisible bond that lasts forever, these toys play with us for memories of a lifetime!

So, how does your version of story look like? Will it be as interesting as the one between ‘Ted’ and ‘John’?