Chris Brown makes a surprising guest appearance on Black-ish

Chris Brown's appearance as a guest star on ABC's Black-ish has caused quite a stir.  

The show that aired Wednesday March 29, had delivered an early showing of the vocalist in character for the TV series.  Brown is notably infamous for both his music flair and highly advertised contentious attitude.  

Previously this month, Billboard magazine published an article indicating Brown’s “downward spiral” to drug dependence and rage problems.  Issues he later denied via social media.

For some fans of“Blackish," Brown’s troubles with the law seemed to be a juxtapose with the sitcom's usual and careful sociable observations played out on the show.  Many Black-ish fans jumped on Twitter to voice their displeasure Brown's appearance on the show.  Some plighted to remove the episode completely, while others begged for the series to focus on domestic violence matters.

Brown shared scenes with Anderson and Deon Cole. Naturally, not everyone was pleased about Anderson and company having C.  Brown played a rapper named Richard Youngsta with a plot that involved Dre (Anthony Anderson) who is thrilled about doing an expedition with a famous rap star until there is a clash when Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) and Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) who gave criticism and recommendations that it hints at too many stereotypes. In the Meantime, Bow is adamant in getting the family to stop consuming too much fast food, but soonrealizes the family may be too addicted to eating whatever they wish.

Critics and fans also argued that just because there is a need for a Chris Brown type doesn't necessarily mean you have to choose Chris Brown. Chiefly since there are actual actors who could use the break, according to a recent article in TV, 

"But for whatever reason [noting the show's choice of Brown] -- probably some combination of Rihanna's apparent forgiveness of him, his undeniable talent and sexism that values "complicated men" over battered women -- Chris Brown continues to work, even with people who should know better, like Kenya Barris and Anthony Anderson."

Brown’s screen appearance added to little more than five minutes and the musician was apparently removed from images shared by the show’s social media accounts.

Check the video out below.