Charlie Murphy Succumbs to Leukemia at 57, Leaves Inspiration for Fans

“On to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible” – Charlie Murphy

Writer and comedian Charlie Murphy passed away on April 12, 2017. Best known for his roles in the Chapelle show, Night at the Museum, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Murphy is survived by his two children and younger brother- comedian Eddie Murphy. The loss had left fans shocked, and heartbroken – especially in light of the comedian’s last messages to the world. 

Charlie Quinton Murphy was born in New York City on July 12, 1959 to Lillian and Charles Edward Murphy, who was also an amateur actor and comedian. In 1978, Murphy enlisted in the Navy and served six years as a boiler room technician. After he was discharged, Murphy began his career as a writer and performer. 

Murphy started his career with minor roles while also taking a more significant role backstage as producer and writer. At that time, Murphy worker as a producer for K-9 Posse with his half-brother, Vernon Lynch where he is credited as a writer to the lyrics of “Somebody’s Brother” and “Say Who Say What.”  In 1986, Murphy also distinguished himself as a writer with his screenplay, “The Peddler” which he sold to Paramount Studios for $150,000. 

Mike Epps, Charlie Murphy, Bow Wow. Roll Bounce (2005)

Mike Epps, Charlie Murphy, Bow Wow. Roll Bounce (2005)

During the 2000’s Charlie Murphy expanded his range appearing in movies like Kind’s ransom in 2005 and Night at the Museum in 2007. Meanwhile, Murphy also voiced a radio commercial and the character for the cartoon series The Boondocks

Murphy’s later career was focused on comedy with his own series, Charlie Murphy’s Crash Comedy, and appearances in the Dave Chapelle show. 

Charlie Murphy began practicing martial arts at a young age and continued to attain a blackbelt in karate. Murphy was married to Tisha Taylor Murphy with whom he had two children. Tisha Murphy died in 2009 from cervical cancer. 

Murphy also suffered from leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. While treatments for leukemia exist, the disease course is long and arduous making Murphy’s success all the more remarkable. 

Charlie Murphy passed away due to complications from the disease leaving family, friends, and fans in grief for the loss, but in awe of his amazing strength and perseverance. Murphy’s last messages to the world via Twitter spoke of strength in a fight, as well as peace and acceptance.