Rachel Lindsay First Night As The Bachelorette

As formerly rumored, ABC has broadcasted that 31 year old Dallas Lawyer Rachel Lindsay will be the bacherlorette for the 13th season of the series. Former bachelor Nick Viall sent Lindsay home subsequently after the fantasy suite dates. 

In a patent at first, Lindsay met four of bachelor hopefuls prior to the start of the season. Host Chis Harrison revealed the news to her during the show that aired March 13th. The clip that was shown to advertise the new season doesn't share any recent dailies but it's a detailed synopsis as to why Bachelor fans became so captivated by Lindsay from the start. 

The buildup was a recollection from season 21's peaks of her limo opening to her New Orleans outing with Viall, as well as, the After the Final Rose scene.  

A voice over states, "You asked, and you got it," as the song 'That's My Girl. by Fifth Harmony plays. 

 And thanks to creator of the show Mike Fleiss, fans have to opportunity to view Lindsay's first definite evening as the bachelorette on Twitter.  

So what is the season's bachelorette ultimately looking for in a husband?  

The Texan recently told E! News, "Physically, I truly don't have a type. I've outgrown that whole 'I have a checklist of 20 different things I need in a man.' But I want is a man who is self-aware, secure and confident in who he is, what he has and is not intimidated by anything that I'm bringing to the table."  The Bacholerette is scheduled to air it's first episode May 22nd.