Jackie Chan Launches New Kid Animation Show

90’s kids who grew up watching that Jackie Chan cartoon show on The WB in the early 2000s will be glad to hear that Jackie’s back. The martial artist-turned-actor announced his upcoming 3D animated series, J-Team: All New Jackie Chan Adventures, a kids’ show featuring a child version of himself who protects a fantasy land with a team of other kids.

The show, targeted at children ages 3 to 10, was made with morals in mind, and will emphasize Chinese traditions and virtues in an effort to instill positive values in young viewers. The series—a total of 104 episodes, which cost roughly $6 million to make—will air in China on several satellite and terrestrial channels this year. But don’t worry—producers are working their magic to bring the show overseas, and it will likely premiere on international networks later this year. 

Chan also mentioned at a press briefing that his investors hope to franchise the show through toys, games, books, and maybe even a theme park. "They have so many plans,” he said of the investors. “For me, I just want to make a cartoon for the children around the world."