Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Gets Messy

Real Housewives of Atlanta is about to get even more exaggerated  with the end of the season sneak preview.

Sheree finally lets her acquaintances come to her housewarming. Phaedra is ready to settle her divorce with Nida Apollo; just as he is ready to marry someone else, and Kandi seems as if she  ready to drag once more but at this moment, she may just clog them out. 

What can we expect? Could it be Porsha? Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore are seen bumping heads and noses!

While reality shows themselves can be super AF, reunions are often even more melodramatic than the show. 

That may very well the situation for Real Housewives of Atlanta, as the get-together spotlighted hugely on “Lesbian Gate” between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams. 

The memorable four-part reunion started things off April 16th as issues escalatedwhen Kenya and Sheree went neck and neck in a struggle of the baseboards and pointing out the farce about creating their fantasy houses. 

Phaedra and Kenya speak of the ups and downs of their companionship and try to figure out if there is any way that they can save their rough relationship. 

Stress arises when Kenya asks about the clout of Porsha's anger management which advances into a fierce literal meeting between Kandi and Porsha.

Part two of the reunion will air this Sunday at 8pm ET/PT as Kenya remembers her complex relationship with Matt and affirms the condition of their present. 

Shereé addresses Kenya for continuously adding electricity to the flames in an impassioned disclosure. Shereé admits further disheartening points involving her rocky marriage with Bob. 

Part three of the reunion is to air the following Sunday as the men will take part in the conversation to add to the tension of the dramatic season.  It will include Bob admitting his faults with his relationship with Shereé. 

Todd is to reveal he still has a dispute with Phaedra. Cynthia and Peter will discuss their lives post-divorce, and Shamea will sit down with the wives to face up with her BFF Porsha, questioning her growing friendship with Phaedra.

In part four of the reunion airing in May, the show will discuss the impact of the "Lesbiangate". 

The cameras will free from curtain to show behind-the-scenes bits, intense exchanges,  and tears as the women attempt to get over the hurtful awareness and try to explore opportunities of going forward after such a stormy season. 

Afterwards, the network will show "Secrets Revealed" special on Sunday, May 14, which will reveal never-before-seen scenes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."