Kim Kardashian struggles with News of Kanye West Hospitalization On The Latest KUWTK Episode

Keeping up With The Kardashians is having the most achingly abrupt season so far (fans are still getting over the Paris robbery) the drama is being drawn out and extended with  its take-no-prisoners mood last week when an episode aired scenes from November 2016 that showed Kim hearing news that husband Kanye had been hospitalized.

In season 13’s fifth episode, it was cloaked up with Kim receiving a call from a friend. The discussion’s situationwas not promptly obvious, but viewers were aware it had something to do with West’s breakdown, which came connected with him cancelling his tour to undergo extensive medical treatment. 

“Why, what’s going on?” Kim said after picking up her phone. quickly, her composure and mood change, and almost out of nowhere, the socialite  doubles over, whimpering. “What’s wrong? I can’t,” she adds as her sisters look at her, astonished.

According to one of West's friends, Chicago poet and artist Malik Yusef, 

"I’ve been to his house [and] sat down with him for about six, seven hours, just walking through his health and recovery," Yusef shared during the Grammys weekend interview. "His memory is coming back, which is super good. [He’s] just healing, spending time with his family."

Yusef also said that at this is   time, West is not going to be creating any new music but will be spending quality time with his son, Saint.

"Saint is getting big and walking, playing with toys, so that invigorates him," Yusef added.

Even though there is an obvious premise trailing Kanye's hospitalization, Kim feels she is to blame according to US Weekly.


While discussing Kanye's condition to sister Khloe, she stated that she didn't want to reveal anything yet, but said that she feels responsible. 

"I’m not in the mood to get into it right now. I’m just, like, emotionally drained and exhausted, but it will be okay. Everything will be okay." She adds: "But I feel a sense of responsibility just with the pressure of taking care of everything." One of the things she feels guilty for? Taking time for herself. "I’ve been staying at home and looking at him to take care of everything while I stay home," she said. "I think sometimes in life, you just need some time off."