Seth Meyers Rips Donald Trump A New A*****e

Not many news channels have been able to withdraw President Trump’s enraged tweet blasts. But with its considerate and encouraging broadcasting, Fox News has continued to be  the president’s esteemed news origin, as Trump has consistently advocates his penchant for the network.

As a matter of fact, Trump confirmed with New York Times of Bill O’Reilly’s virtue even though repeatedly there were sexual harassment settlements against O'Reilly. 

“Late Night” show's host Seth Meyers expressed Trump’s comment as  “A Closer Look” as “the latest example of the symbiotic relationship between Fox News and Trump.”

Fox New's all-access White House tour aired in February, and according to Meyers it was, “basically Trump’s relationship with Fox News in a nutshell. They give him glowing, unquestioning coverage, and in return, he gives them unparalleled access. And they’ll go to absurd lengths to defend him.”

 Meyers focused on Trump’s first 100 days as president by stating that,

“If this were a movie, it would be called 100 Dayz and Confused.”

The host also added, "Claiming you’ve been a good president just because you signed a lot of executive orders makes no sense,” the Late Night host added, “But don’t just take it from me, take it from this guy. The guy  signing all these executive orders. It’s a basic disaster… He doesn’t want to work too he to them, he starts signing them like they’re butter.

It is at this point like a law of physics. 

For every Trump action, there is an equal and opposite Trump clip,I swear if Trump said the bathroom was down the hall and to the right, I’m sure we would find an old clipand, he wants to go back and play golf."

The late night show host then showed the scene from the 1992 Home Alone 2 were Trump had a brief cameo appearance.