Katie Holmes and Andrew Rannells Competed for Precious Puppies on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon has a knack for showcasing hysterical games on The Tonight Show, and his recent segment “Pup Quiz,” featuring Katie Holmes and Andrew Rannells, was no exception. 

Pup Quiz—essentially Jeopardy but with golden retriever puppies—pitted the two stars against each other through a series of trivia questions. A correct answer blessed the player with a puppy, while an incorrect answer bestowed a pup upon the opponent. 

During the Double Puppardy round, Rannels and Holmes both answered questions incorrectly, so each received 1 pup. And during Final Puppardy (yes, the Jeopardy parody is painfully obvious), the actors were asked how many corgis Queen Elizabeth has owned over her lifetime. Rannells’s guess (38) was closest to the actual answer (32), so he got to steal all of Holmes’s pups. A dream come true, no?

After this straight up adorable Tonight Show bit, we don’t think we’ll ever let ourselves miss another.