Jimmy Fallon's Head Writer Quitting The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show is now seeking a head writer, as A.D. Miles who has been with Jimmy Fallon for eight years writing for both the Late Night and The Tonight Show, makes his departure.  

As the late-night sketch continues to change, Miles's exit comes at an important time for Fallon. Starting out as a performer on the Late Night, Miles did not think the job would last as long as it did. He had been pondering about this change for some time expressing that the late-night setup was extremely stringent and the tasks didn’t give  him the time needed to seek other aspirations and writing styles.

The transition is to take place in the weeks to come.  Away from the Fallon ode, Miles is most memorable for his role of Gary in the Wet Hot American Summer charter. During their late-night partnership, they completed over 1,500 episodes.  Miles also was one of Fallon’s writers when the talk show hostpresented at the Emmys in 2010. 

Followers of Fallon’s late-night career might also remember Miles from his on-air showings as Mr. Fletcher for Fallon and in Justin Timberlake’s Camp Winnipesaukee with his portrayals as Gary in Fallon’s “Ew!” parodies; and Barb in the program’s Stranger Things-themedskit in 2016.  

Miles and Fallon will maintain their working relationship which will involve an illustrated piece, as Miles goes back to Los Angeles to return to fictional writing.

Not just the writer to both of Fallon’s late-night episodes, Miles also starredand wrote in the Comedy Central television show “Dog Bites Man,” which showed during the summer of 2006.