New Unseen Documentary Of Heath Ledger Premieres May 17th via Spike TV

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Network Entertainment and Spike TV have delivered the trailer for the soon to be released documentary, I Am Heath Ledger

Director Derik Murray who has previously directed other similar documentaries such as, I am Chris Farley and I am Bruce Lee offers us a glance into Ledger’s world with use of past undiscovered home video footage shot by Ledger. 

In the viewing, friend of Ledger's as a child, Trevor DiCarlo stated:

He was always a director, acting was just a way to get there.” Director Matt Amato added: “He wanted fame, and then when he got it, he didn’t want it.  This is one of the biggest heartthrobs on Earth taking on that character — that's an artist.”

Also, according to a recent press release in, "Through these personal home movies, we get a rare glimpse into his true character – demonstrating his creative energy and unshakable willingness to take risks that instilled such an extraordinarily deep love and affection in the people that entered his life.  There were always cameras around video camera, or Polaroid camera, or the film camera,” model Christina Cauchi said. “That’s the only way I think of him, with the camera in the hand.”

“Heath was the most alive human… and if it wasn’t on the edge, it didn’t interest him,” musician Ben Harper added. The film features interviews with actors Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, and Emile Hirsch, directors Ang Lee and Catherine Hardwicke, musicians Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), N’fa, and Grace Woodroofe, and members the Ledger family."

Ledger shockingly passed away at only 28 after an unintended overdose of prescription medications.

"I Am Heath Ledger", is scheduled to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival April 23 and be in movie theaters by May 3.