Emma Watson and Tom Hanks attends premiere for "The Circle"

Tom Hanks and Emma Watson attended the premiere of their current film The Circle at the Tribeca Film Festival.

In The Circle, Emma Watson portrays a new employee at a firm who immediately assumes that things are not as obvious as they seem.  

Based on the successful book by Dave Eggers, Mae played by Watson, promptly climbs through the levels of a dominant internet company that archives extensive amounts of facts data about its account owners. Hanks stars as the firm’s CEO, John Boyega plays a coworker.

Watson points out that the movie is a preventive story.  According to Watson,

"[Social media] takes so much of our attention, which is such a valuable resource and I'm just not sure it's ever healthy to know what every single person in the world thinks about you," Watson said. "I think that's probably a surefire recipe for burnout and disaster, which is kind of what this movie is about."

Tom Hanks is also leery of extreme social media usage by stating,  

"You can never predict, I think, how people are going to be willing to fill their time or to find themselves. Social media allows everybody to do both those things. How healthy it is, is probably only in the hands of the participants."

His remedy?

He utilizes social media as a lost and found page The actor'saccount with Twitter is notably full of photographs of lost items in an effort to give them back to the proper owners.

Watson is also choosy with her own use of social media. In a recent interview with CNN the actress said,

"I think that it's so important to keep an eye on what your daily diet is," Watson told CNN at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie "The Circle." "In the same way we think about what we eat, we should think about what we read, what we're seeing, what we're engaging and what we're interacting with everyday."

Directed by James Ponsoldt the movie also stars Patton Oswalt, Karen Gillen, and the late Bill Paxton.

The Circle is set to be in theaters Friday April 28.