Wonder Woman Shines Opening Weekend

Diana Prince of Themyscira received a royal welcome from audiences worldwide. The film premiered on June 1st and has grossed 103.3 million its opening weekend- breaking records for a female directed film. Wonder Woman has seen an enormous outpouring of support, and gratitude, from diehard fans and inspired women alike.  

Origionally based on the comic book character from the 1940’s Diana is an Amazon Princess from the island of Themyscira. Brought to life by the Greek god Zues and raised by, her mother, the famous Amazon Queen Hippolyta. While this isn’t the first time that Wonder Woman has appeared on the big screen, fans have waited, and waited and waited, for Wonder Woman to take center stage in an origin story. 

The film has been ranked highly and praised as an inspiration for featuring Wonder Woman as the physically powerful and unapologetic female lead.  Wonder Woman’s power has inspired screenings and events featuring the character to help promote confidence in girls and even a successful GoFundMe campaign to help send underprivileged youngsters to view the film. 

While the film has some criticism, most reviews are positive and while critics are wondering about Wonder Woman’s future box office feats - especially whit The Mummy being released this week- fans are excited to see what will come next for the heroine.