Crime hits the B-List: $80K Stolen From David Spade’s Beverly Hills Home

David Spade, America’s token SNL Alum turned- ubiquitous comedy blockbuster cameo-turned B-list silver screen star was the victim of a robbery at his Beverly Hills residence this past Monday. Spade was the latest hit by a string of calculated theft hitting the coveted zip code, joining the unlucky celebs who had their privacy and valuables violated this year.

Now in the company of Drake, Alanis Morisette, Emmy Rossum, Nicki Minaj, and everyone’s favorite reality skeezeball Scott Disick, Spade is $80K lighter after the thieves made out with a safe full of cash and belongings.

Beverly Hills PD jumped into action and were stationed outside of his home, investigating the robbery and searching for clues to put the runaway bandits behind bars. As of now, the identity of the robbers are unknown, as they were able to make a clean getaway by disabling Spade’s security system.

Looks like Spade now has to put aside his beef with the cash me ousside girl and focus on this real threat, instead of with the viral Insta-star who poked fun at fade into 90s-comedy obscurity.

No lie, I thought dis guy was the waiter

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