Executive Producers To Keep An Eye On In 2017: Daniel Bramme

Santa Monica, CA — I recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview a rather innovated Executive Producer by the name of Daniel Bramme the other day. He sat down and guided me through his way of thinking in regards to the millennial age of content creation and going through the process through several successful structures.

Alongside, he also gave me a glimpse of who he is as a person and how he is succeeding in helping creators, much like myself, realize their content is worth so much. Only if you’re ready to overcome challenges and put forth the work to succeed in proving our content is worth the views across all platforms. So who is Daniel Bramme? I’m excited to share some insider questions and answers from the savvy Swedish Executive Producer.

When did you realize that you wanted to do what you do?

“I’ve came to many realizations when I was serving in the Swedish Military for 10 months that serving wasn't entirely for me. I’ve studied at a film school in Sweden, and instead of wandering around the fields, I’ve decided to really apply myself to the business of film and media. I was about 20 years old when this all happened and was more creative at the time. Now that I have gained the skills in business, I began to focus myself on the Swedish/American Entertainment factors and find ways interconnect finances with media.”

What types of features have you invested into?

“Focusing on the “easy-to-sell,” projects that talent really enjoyed working is where it’s all at. When focusing on these projects, I’ve applied and invested myself into Dramas and Horror, both in the United States and Sweden. However, when it came down to “investments,” it was very important for me to focus on co-productions and helping these creative individuals find proper investments for their projects.”

What does the future of content look like to you?

“Everything is changing so quickly and I’m very much here for all of it. I find it important to focus on the newer age of content. By newer age, I mean focusing on women in media and millennials. The concept of their content is so fresh and sometimes we fail to realize that. The creative aspects of those are not looked heavily upon by other executives, however, when we invest our time into them, their content is focused on diversity. Now that’s what everyone looks for.

Creative millennials and women have this drive to represent themselves in an amazing way, and their projects are a lot more meaningful. Speaking of meaningful projects, as an Executive Producer, I’ve come to realize that “longterm projects,” are worth investing money and time into. Longterm projects have more meaning and will be remembered more thoroughly, versus “quick content,” where small, funny and/or videos on the internet that people forget about so quickly. Longterm projects, women and millennials are the future of content.”

“I find it important to focus on the newer age of content.”

I wanted to end this article with such a cliché but important question. What are your tips for people who want to be Executive Producers and how do they climb the ladder in a professional manner?

“Gah, I love this question. There is so much structure that comes along with this answer. There are five parts to this answer and the first one is definitely try to be the one that actually does something. I put emphasize in actually getting things done, instead of talking about it. It is also important to start with the small stuff and gradually move towards the bigger picture. It works.

Also, it is important to emphasize that “collaboration is key,” which is something that is critical in the mind of the creative, along with the Executive Producers who are investing in them. Another great concept is to leave the ego behind, it is difficult to string that along with you in the long run. Leave it now and you'll sense a change in your work. Lastly, on a individual aspect, be humble and invest the time into your work. We notice effort and it is put into simple words, “Actually doing the work, gets people noticing you a lot faster.”

“I put emphasize in actually getting things done, instead of talking about it.”

It is without a doubt that Mr. Bramme is someone to keep a close eye on. His helpful and insightful tips are ones that many creators can resonate with. As long as we keep our eyes on Executive Producers like him, we find our work/content to be a lot more enjoyable. Alongside, it is rather critical that we take this advice and move forward with it in a productive manner. Let us now go out and create a world worth recognition and make the new age of content worth watching!