The Rise of "Manager Jeff" Is Something to Pay Close Attention to.


Vlogging is life. Or that’s what some hit twitch streamers would say. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at one of the biggest stars to make a career out of it: Logan Paul. 

If you don’t religiously stream viral content, follow zines or subscribe to any channels, you might not have heard of him. But this guy’s talent is seriously on par with other Youtube stars. Logan Paul has a high energy and snap vid editing skills that make his vlogging about his life, skits and interests an adaptive style of content made for the generation of Youtubers. 

But behind every great writer-comedian there are always a couple of key creatives that helped them get there. 

Manager Jeff is one example. 

I live a private lifestyle

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The bearded, long-haired Maverick-merch cap wearin’ guy is miles different from the clean-faced, blond star that is fighting for his stake of Hollywood. Jeff Levin is a Talent Manager at Collective Digital Studio and together with CAA he currently reps Logan Paul.

“Jeff’s been my manager for my whole entire internet career,” Paul quips on one of his vlog posts. To which the manager recalls that they have worked with each other for five years.


Jeff Levin has also helped the star make the jump from his internet star status to mainstream entertainment. Lately one project that was a step further in this direction was Logan Paul’s casting in the Valley Girl remake set to be released in 2018. 

But for the Talent Manager it seemed like he was always destined for the creative industry. When he graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS, majoring in political science, you’d think his interests might steer him towards a career in government of community development. But a couple years down the track one of his major professional moves was as an agent trainee at International Creative Management. 

He later became Head of Talent at Awesomeness TV. The on-set rapport between the two show that they’re clearly both friends and professional creatives. It is partly teaming up with the right people that has made Logan Paul one of the fastest creators in Youtube History to hit 10 M subscribers.