The Wait For Will & Grace Is Over And We're Ready.


We’re all eagerly awaiting the revival of the fabulous early 2000’s sit-com Will & Grace. Even Hulu joined in on the hype by making the entire original series available to stream a week prior to the new release. While I remember loving this show, it’s been 11 years since it ended and I found myself wondering if the show still holds up.

Following the tight-knit friendship between roommates Will, a gay lawyer, and Grace, a straight interior designer, their sexual orientations played a big part in the show’s storylines, and often times it offered comedic relief. I was most interested to see if their approach to homosexuality was better than that of Friends’.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Friends, but while I was indulging in the readily available reruns on Netflix, I noticed that what seemed like jokes, were actually jabs at homosexuality. This was my fear revisiting the old seasons of Will & Grace, but in a pleasant turn of events, that was not the case.

Riddled with hilarious quips and stinging cracks at each other’s expense, this is still an absolute gem of a show. It pushes away certain prejudices carried toward gay people that you seldom saw on TV ten or more years ago. 

Granted, Jack is incredibly loud, sassy, and slices away with the insults, but Karen could easily be described the same way. And yet, they both have such individually defining characteristics outside of their flamboyancy. 

Other than the ‘90’s and early 2000’s pop culture references sewn into the quick dialogue, the old series aged extraordinarily well and is still a very fun watch. The new season debuts tomorrow on NBC and it’s safe to say I am very much looking forward to seeing where our cherished Will, Grace, Jack and Karen are in love and in life.