JLO's looks at the AMA Awards

If you caught the AMA awards, chances are you caught a show put on by J LO. Are we talking fashion? Are we talking couture? We have been graced and blessed by aliens.. Yes aliens!  What do you know about the Paladian make up? As William Cooper informed us in the 90's, anything is possible. So let me bring you back to center if I may have lost you. How do you make 11 wardrobe changes and slay every outfit? You're gonna have to ask J Lo and her glam squad on that one. I'm not sure if this can be taught, however, I'm thankful that Jenny landed on that block 46 years ago. I honestly had the biggest crush on her as a kid before the infamous Versace dress she wore at the VMAS with Diddy.

Here it is guys, Queen J LO! Slow your scroll and take it all in!

Look 1: The show opens with J Lo performing in a dope tribal jacket that was topped off with a Onesie under it.

Look 2: If you show up in this intricate Balmain dress, they just might take you seriously. But if you're J Lo the world stops.

Look 3: This jumpsuit by Michael Costello speaks elegance and class with a cape draping in the back. The sunflower yellow may make you want to smell her.

Look 4: Slaying in this gold Julien MacDonald dress. Look 4 makes you want more.

Look 5: Gorgeous, Stunning! Who's the designer behind this dress, because I don't know. This look is everything. Yes those are lip print designs. Details Details Details. J Lo stop it!

Look 6:  You may notice her super powers are resembled by her capes as shown In this Zuhair Murad gown. If you think its over....its not

Look 7: Umm beautifulllll! This has to be a dream for a lot of girls to play dress up (and then watch J.Lo play dress up). This Michael Cinco dress sparkled with beauty, I bow

Look 8: Sex appeal, curves, body...oh damn! One question: Jennifer who's your trainer and what's your diet plan? She's totally letting us know she still has it with the perfect mix of sex and class in the couture gown by Charbel Zoe. This one is probably my favorite.

Look 9: Lost in the stars? Nah not her. This look displayed her in a star spotted jumpsuit by one of her favorite designers Zuhair Murad.

Look 10: This is how we end it. Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoyed my looks. And yes, I've mastered the bun.