The New Yeezy 750 Boost is the best (and most expensive) thing to ever happen to your feet.

It’s official. Kanye is a genius. The man’s got it all, and now we can have our own dose of some o’ that power he’s got so much of by stepping into his personally designed kicks.

As of 12.19, the new Yeezy 750 Boost has dropped and hit public markets and can now be purchased and worn by us mere worshipers of the church of Kanye. A partnership with Adidas (After the previous arrangement with Nike got dropped) is what brought the footwear design from West’s mysterious and divine brain (his words, not mine) to life.  

All black everything is the way to go for the newest pair that has just dropped onto shelves and into a select few closets as of this month. Styles such as the “High Grey Pirate” (See the ones Nick Young is wearing on the court) and the “Triple Black’ with an all-black sole, all black strap, all black laces, and all black boot are hitting shelves as well as a pair that GLOWS IN THE DARK. No doubt a throwback to the times where all of our shoes would light up when we would stomp around as little kids. I see you there Kanye…

Probably the most anticipated footwear event of the year next to Marty McFly’s Nike Mag 10’s that dropped just in time for the Back to The Future Anniversary back in October, these sneaks were boasted by such A-Listers as Yeezus himself and Nick Young of the LA Lakers, who actually played last Sunday’s game in the Kanye Kicks. Not a bad perk of being signed to Adidas. I’m sure it must be really hard to have to be given all that coveted gear and then try to find a place to store all of it. Must be rough. The shoes are listed at not set in stone as of yet, as it all is about supply and demand at this point. Even though the shoe was just released less than 72 hours ago to general public, it was a very sparse release and official vendor sales are exclusively through lotteries and sweepstakes just to have a chance to buy them.

Although the safest way to procure your own pair would be through a licensed vendor such as Foot Locker, or even by patiently hitting the refresh button on continuously on the Adidas webpage, you could always risk it and take ‘em off the hands of a seedy seller online. You will have a better chance of getting a pair of your own, but be warned, your final bill may come up to $3500 or even $5500 bucks for a chance to get your feet into these dope sneaks before your friends. Hey, it pays to be cool, but you already knew that.