Alexander Wang shuts down NYFW

It's fashion week in NY. If you're anywhere near relevant (in the realm that is the fashion world) you were there. And if you're on the list (per say) you were at the Alexander Wang after party. Where not only did he get TOO TURNT, but lost his wallet turnt, or so I heard. Now before we even mention the after party, which not only had strippers, but wings and jello-shots. That actually sounds like a Thursday night for me at Star Strip.

Lets talk about what we saw on the runway and let me just start by saying I'm a huge Wang fan. In high school I lived for his white or black tee shirt aesthetic. My wardrobe consisted of it, or the Target version of it. However, this season, I can't really say I'm thrilled, or like "fuck yaaasss slay me bitch I'm so down to pay 200 for that long sleeve plain cotton shirt" (which probably has a lot to do with the fact he was previously up to his ears in Balenciaga work which came to an end when he left in July to concentrate more on his brand). But yes I agree you totes saw the changes, or should I say "hinder in creativity" in this years show. None the less, he still managed to wow me (not that I'm important or even relevant but whatever) with a couple pieces which I've selected below. This bag not only makes a statement, but acts as a weapon if you're walking home late at night and someone's approaching (good investment IMO).

Down for the all black (mesh) button upped polo that screams gangster daddy

Vin Diesel could NEVER

Hot Topic pants meet your little sisters Limited Too shirt? Whatever I'm here for it