Head Jockey Ralph Lauren Dismounts

World-renowned American designer, Ralph Lauren, dismounts from his leading role as CEO. The 75 year old stated in an interview, “But I don’t feel like I’m stepping back now.” Which in actuality is very much so true… it seems as if the rugby-based aesthetic will live on, just Ralph himself has decided to watch the jockeys run the field from the stands leaving the reigns to former H&M executive and president of Old Navy, Stefan Larsson.

Underlying factors are said to be that the American brand has been undergoing a bit of financial allergies. Though the sniffles haven’t caused too much abrasion to the pockets of Mr. Lauren, revenue stocks have been on a bit of a decline the past couple of years. Stefan Larsson took the role of President of Old Navy in 2012 and received global mentioning of the revival of the brand, improving marketing and heightening sales. Mr. Lauren discerns this as an opportunity to propel his brand back into a fresh prospective just as it was during its initial start up about a half century ago. Mr. Lauren is still the largest individual shareholder in his company; however, he feels in order to continue breathing longevity into the brand, separate roles must be implemented… Ralph Lauren galloping along as executive chairman and creative chief officer while Stefan Larsson continues the race as Chief Executive.

Industry experts spectate whether the brand will continue to pivot from its original country club ambiance or will it detour into the vibe of “fast fashion” being that Mr. Larsson comes from such a background having worked for H&M and Old Navy. Nevertheless, Mr. Lauren made it clear and concise that he will keep his hand heavy on the design table when it comes to aesthetic decisions. The fashion house of Ralph Lauren is known for its crisp, tailored, sporty polo shirts and fine stitching and leather detailing; He refuses to let that class be lost in the dust of a hard to start, but easy to finish transition. It is definitely safe to say the abiding, American brand is sure to be a highly anticipated runway show come fashion week. Let the race begin!