Kanye West reincarnates similar elements in Yeezy Season 2 collection

 Yeezy season 2 was premiered/dropped yesterday morning. If you live in the west coast, like I do, you had to wake up at the crack of dawn (9 A.M.) and scramble to find a persicope stream. Luckily I did, unfortunately, I should have just stayed asleep, because the only thing that was impressive about this collection was the fact Ian Connor pulled out a cigarette halfway through modeling and began smoking.

The best way I can describe this collection is, it's basically the exact same thing as last season only in nude. Literally it seems to basically be the looks that didn't make the cut last season, so they were all put together for a second show and called a new collection. There was nothing groundbreaking, no one was wowed. The only thing that was new was a Kanye song that was played towards the end of the presentation (which Post Malone later tweeted claiming it was a collaboration between Ye, himself, and TY Dolla sign). If this song and "Wolves" which was premiered at his season one show are any hint as to what's to expect from his next album, then it has a very 808's and Heartbreaks kind of sad house feel to it. Moving on to the actual collection, however, we did get to see the new color scheme for the Yeezy Boost 720's so that was kind of neat.

To keep with the post apocalyptic matrix theme, we also saw a lot of huge oversized coats layered with hoodies. Again nothing was new or that we haven't seen before, it's all regurgitated in simply a new set of color schemes thrown together featuring various Instagram famous models and Tumblr bloggers. Listen to kids bruh, we expected more.