Six style must haves this fall and winter

There are numerous reasons why we can rejoice that the fall and winter seasons are creeping over us. The holidays are one reason to cheer (or mourn and hide) and the colorful cups that become standard issue at every coffee franchise are another highlight. Above all else though in reasons to rejoice, is the coming of colder weather. The ability to wear more than one layer of clothing without breaking out into a drenching monsoon of perspiration is reason enough to throw a party, and the comeback of chilly mornings and even colder evenings is a celebrated in a style explosion of wool sleeves, heavy scarves, plaid flannel shirts, and the most loved article of clothing, coats. Here are the top six items to add to your rechristened cold weather wardrobe this season.

The Bomber Jacket

Making a comeback from the smaller-than-you-think-they-are shoulders of Tom Cruise from ‘86’s Top Gun, the bomber jacket is popping up again and again in street style pics and celeb sightings on the town. The jacket gives an off duty military look that adds an indisputable edge to any outfit. Dress it up with a tie and collar or simply tack it onto a t-shirt and jeans combo to add that military badass vibe to your ensemble. Polish off with a sharp pair of aviator sun glasses and toss the valet the keys to the motorbike you tell everybody you fixed up yourself and drove cross country to get here. Very badass.

The Shawl Cardigan

For the more relaxed vibe, the top of the list sweater for men right now is the shawl cardigan. A basic front buttoning sweater with a collar that loops around the back of the neck and back down again, this sweater quickly adds an air of intentionality. You could be wearing the pajamas you slept in with a pair of slippers you should have tossed out months ago and look like a mess that just fell out of bed, but if all the while you are sporting a finely knit shawl collared cardigan, it will still make you look sophisticated. Who wouldn’t want that shortcut on hand? Coming in all colors, hues, cuts, fabrics and knits, this cardigan is a must have to add to your list of layering options this fall and winter.

The Puffer Jacket

Coming a long way since the George Costanza Gore-Tex incident on the unforgettable episode of Seinfeld, the puffer jacket has gone through quite a lot of changes in its appearance, all the while retaining its intent to be the warmest jacket you could wear while still avoiding looking like a dork.
The puffer jacket has gone through quite a bit of weight loss in many of its modern designs, but still has its fluffier versions available as well. As seen in Drake’s ridiculously viral music video, the cherry red jacket he is wearing in Hotline Bling’s opening became so popular of a jacket, the sales for that exact same coat more than doubled its sales on that one coat alone when the video debuted. (Jacket designed by Moncler) Puffy or slim, the puffer jacket is end of your search for a fashionable way to stay warm in the more extreme cold regions you might be venturing into this fall and winter.

The Turtleneck

(Drake Hotline Bling) 

While we are still on the subject on the overnight fashion icon and trendsetter that is Drake, we have to call out his turtleneck that he sports about halfway through the video. Also spiking the sales on the exact same turtleneck worn in the video (sold by Acne Studios), this fuzzy, loose fitting, and instantly flattering sweater is a message that fashionable men need to hear around the world: turtlenecks are back and can still be very, very cool. One doesn’t need to be as cut, muscular, and mysterious as Daniel Craig in the print ads for Spectre to sport this particular sweater.

The turtleneck can be worn loose, form fitting, and everything in between. Just please, no festive designs or hand knitted kittens embroidered by your grandmother. The world is just easing turtlenecks back into society, let’s not ruin this just yet.  

The Shearling Jacket

When you see this, you’re thinking probably one of two things: “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a photo of my dad in the ‘70’s wearing this”, or “Wasn’t that the kind of coat that Bane wore in the last Batman flick?” The response to both of these thoughts and inquiries is that you would be correct. This is the kind of jacket your father wore back when he was your age (and probably still has in a closet somewhere around) and this is the kind of coat the infamous enemy of the Dark Knight wears in the movie (creepy crab mask not included.) The shearling coat adds a layer of ruggedness to your look. Throwing it on instantly makes you look as if you are coming in from a long day on the ranch and are looking for a place to kick up your boots and take a load off. If the hardworking American cowboy look isn’t the vibe you were going for, then the slimmer looking shearling lined leather jacket is more the city dweller look for you. Dress it up, down, sideways, really anyway you can think of is a safe bet with the right kind of cut coat. The shearling jacket is probably the fuzziest style choice you can make this cold weather season.

Military Style in the Balmain Collection for H&M Men

With the Balmain Collection showing up in H&M stores in recent times, one can’t help but notice the men’s coats and jackets looking very militarized and almost soviet soldier looking in length, color, and cut.

The giant collars and flaps are definitely a style move that will also serve with functionality in keeping your neck and lower face out of the harshly cold wind that may be blowing into your face. The long trench coat and matching color shorter length jacket are straight out of the soviet soldier look book of the 1960’s, and although odd in description, look pretty stunning in person. Going with the military vibe we touched on earlier in the note about the increasing-in-popularity bomber jacket, the citizen turned soldier look is catching on, and why not enlist your own style and add that always needed dose of badass-ery to your wardrobe?