New Fashion App promises to revolutionize fashion business

Created by self-made fashion guru, and well known blogger, Amy Roiland (@AFashionNerd), FashionTap is a new app that dramatically changes the way people follow fashion trends.

FashionTap is built around the idea that social networks hinder small fashion brands who cannot be heard over the buzz of larger mainstream brands. Through FashionTap, brands can directly promote their products to their consumers. Members of FashionTap post their content on the app, tag it, then share it to other social networks. Through the tagged photo, followers are able to see from the FashionTap app where specific pieces of clothing come from. Users can earn money as well when other users buy the clothes tagged in their photos. With this app, brands, designers, and PR firms are able to directly communicate with fashion influencers and reach a wider demographic of potential buyers.


CEO and Founder of FashionTap, Amy Roiland, created FashionTap for the everyday fashion blogger, model, or designer. Its intention is to bring together local talent in the industry, and promote brands that otherwise would have not gotten the level of attention FashionTap could bring. Amy Roiland will be debuting FashionTap in front of the business gurus of Shark Tank on April 29th. You can find the app for free on the Itunes App Store.