Good Bye Dreary, Hello Cheery: Spring and Summer Make Up Tips for 2016

Spring is just around the corner and summer will be here before you know it! The end of winter means fewer layers, daylight savings time, and new makeup trends. While understated and natural makeup has been trendy for a while, the trends of 2016 are definitely going bold with brighter colors in both eyeshadow and lipstick. Classical spring colors include baby blue, grass green, baby blue and violet. Makeup colors are no different. For a bit more edge, try electric blue, green or yellow- especially once the weather heats up for summer.  If you are feeling a bit nervous about embracing the change, here are a few tips.

Eyes or Lips

Going bold can still be classy- just choose a part of your face that you want to accent, and keep the rest of your makeup understated. For instance, if you are going for cherry red lips, stick to neutral colors and a modest amount of eyeliner around the eyes unless you are going for a sultry evening look. Or, if you want to accent your eyes with a bright electric blue, keep your lips subtle with a neutral color lipstick. If you really want to add color to both, stick with pastels- this will give you an otherworldly look without appearing tacky.

Mix or Match

Adding multiple colors to your eyes can help increase depth, draw attention, or even enhance your eye color. When combining colors, make sure to stick to complementary shades, using the darker shade to line the crease between your eye and your brow. If you are going with an electric or metallic color, however, you may want to skip this step as the color on its own may already be bold enough for the look you are trying to accomplish.

Refresh and Revive

Different shades will accent your skin tone and some will definitely be more complimentary than others. Choose the bright colors that stand out against or accent your features. If you aren’t sure of what will work, don’t be afraid to try out a few shades. You can even make an evening of the experiment with a friend or two who you know will be honest with you in case something really doesn’t work.

Be good to your skin

More sun also means more sun damage. Remember to add sunscreen back into your daily make up ritual. If you spend most of your day indoors, opt for sun protective foundation or powder for that drive to and from work. To further protect your skin, opt for makeup that is less loaded with harsh chemicals and remember to remove all makeup before bed.