"King of the Youth" Ian Connor stops by SSENSE for a quick conversation

The legendary "King of the Youth" Ian Connor, took a second out of his day to have a quick conversation with SSENSE on Social Media, Social Experiments and creativity. From the start, Ian speaks on being in touch with himself and the reality around him.

" [NODS] I'd probably have more of a conversation with someone in real life depending on my mood at the moment. I dont really acknowledge people like that on the internet. I hardly ever retweet people, I hardly ever mention people. You meet in person, there's time where, like, I was talking to [my friend] outside the other day and some kids ran up and said "Are you Ian Connor?" And I was like "No" and they walked off. But if I wasn't in a conversation with her, if I was just bored smoking, I probably would have told them to sit down and talked to them about their day or their life. 

It's amusing at times. It's like one big social experiment for mre. That's what I look at life like: it's real, but its All. One. Big. Social. Experiment. So I know how to do certain things at certain times just to see how people react. Its just like, damn this is how humans are. LIke I dropped out of the ninth grade to learn from people. Legit learn from people."

Many people get dragged into the perception of social media when they're on the outside looking in. So, moments like these are visionary breakthroughs in the matrix that we all live in. Ian Connor isn't from this planet, but he has great human-like instincts to everything surrounding him. An owl would be a good reference point, because owls dont sleep.

"Yes I dont sleep. I sit on the Internet all fucking day. I've been flying from city to city for the past two years? But I just recently started going out. And when I go out, I like to sit in the corner. And I smoke and I drink, and I just watch everything. Everything. I dont even like having a conversation - I'll tell people dont talk to me. Not to be arrogant or mean or anything, just like don't talk to me because I just want to watch everything."

Mr. Connor is definitely in a higher place now. When dad wants to be DAD, you have to let him enjoy the sunset. It's really that simple. He on to speak about his mentors, A$AP Bari, Virgil Abloh and his new postion consulting for Kanye West.

"It was over years, since I was under Virgil at like 19. When Virgil reached out to me I didn't know who he was - I didn't know what a Creative Director was, what the job titled consisted of to Kanye. But the n*gga I actually did look up to was this guy A$AP Bari, who is Rocky's best friend. I saw that he looked up to Virgil, so its like a chain. Just like the kids who look up to me who don't know who Bari is, but they know I look up to Bari, theyre gonna look up to him just because that's your idols idols, you know what I'm saying? Like it's your fathers father, so you automatically gotta fuck with your grandfather. And that's what it was with Virgil. And it wasn't unti around YEEZY Season 2, once I started doing work with Kanye and shit, that's when Ye started to really fuck with me, see what's inside my head."

Okay, remember what I said about letting dad enjoy the sunset? If not, re-read that line again.

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PS: Buy some clothes afterwards. Bye.