Ian Connor Revenge x Storm release

Fashion guru Ian Connor has made his share of waves on the internet. Haven’t heard? Google him. Connor has recently gained popularity from his work with A$AP Rocky. He has walked in two Yeezy season fashion shows, and has been seen lurking in Instagram photos with Kanye himself. 

Connor’s affinity for fashion, paired with his coudn’t-give-a-fuck attitude, has led him to gain attention and a large internet following. Connor started as brand model, and slowly gained influence, notoriety and cred by styling Wiz Khalifa, and smoking throughout his appearance in the Yeezy season 2 fashion show.

Connor recently jumped on the trend and released his own shoe line, Revenge x Storm. Theseand the shoes are certainly taking the world by storm. Each pair retails for $200.00. However, the original release and restock sold out fast, and resale value stands at upwards of $400.00. Those who were able to get their hands on the kicks have made sure to boast about it on Twitter. Celebrities have been spotted wearing them, including Kylie Jenner. 

The shoes were available in blue, red, and green. Fans are hoping for an additional release date, but the brand’s cryptic website offers little to go on by means of a date. He's been spotted wearing track pants with a rainbow stripe along the side resembling the fashion house Chloe track pant.  This has been teased by Ian via social media most recently while he was in Tel aviv. 

The track pants will most likely be the next piece released under the revenge x storm umbrella along with different color variations. If you want to cop your own pair, you’ll have to act fast - or you can try find a resale pair online and hope they have your size.