Demna's Symbolic Kering Hoodie

Demna Gvasalia, the artistic director at Balenciaga and head designer at Vetements, loves to develop new and public ways to display brands. His work at Vetements includes pieces with logos and slogans, and he has done similar work at Balenciaga. Recently, he has taken it even further by placing the Kering logo on a hoodie. 

Kering is a large fashion conglomerate that owns Balenciaga as well as other brands such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Saint Laurent Paris. Despite the fact that their subsidiary brands are household names, Kering usually remains intentionally hidden from the public eye. Gvasalia has pulled back the curtain a bit by calling attention to those who hold the power.

Gvasalia denies that his choice to put the Kering logo on a hoodie was a deliberate comment on the nature of the conglomerate. Instead, he insists it is simply a branding strategy. Gvasalia believes there is an inherent connection between the conglomerate and the brands it encompasses. He states Kering and Balenciaga are so intertwined, using the Kering logo is an obvious choice.

Gvasalia has said.. 

β€œIt was...a kind of symbolic thank you from me, for them allowing me to build a new story at Balenciaga.” 

He has taken his branding efforts to another level, and it continues to pay off with new and different attention to growing brands and their encompassing parent company.