The jaw dropping Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collaboration is finally here

Somehow two of the most legendary fashion brands, from opposite sides of the spectrum, have collided. Louis Vuitton and Supreme have officially collaborated this year. At the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show, viewers were given a glimpse into the collab. A discussion with LV menswear director Kim Jones gave even more insight into what is in store.

Jones confirmed:

“You can’t have the conversation of New York men’s wear without Supreme right now, because it’s such a massive global phenomenon.” The New York based skate brand Supreme has amassed a huge following, and Louis Vuitton is smart to recognize its importance.

The collab line is reported to offer a variety of pieces, more than most fans could have hoped for. Featured prominently were the Supreme-red duffel bags, with the price tag somewhere in the range of $1500.00 and up. There are a variety of bags available in this bright red hue, including duffle bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and steamer trunks.

The line also features attire, such as a denim shirt and a bomber featuring the combined logos. There are logo shoes, gloves, and scarves as well. A classic box logo tee is also available, which hip-hop artist Travis Scott was already sporting from his front row seat to the Fall/Winter show. 

And of course, if the line features bags, it has to have skateboards. The coveted collab boards are rumored to only be available bespoke (made-to-order). The pieces will only be sold at Louis Vuitton stores, and are at Louis Vuitton prices, which could be an interesting trek for some hardcore skaters with deep pockets.

Most are recognizing the irony in the collaboration when remembering the cease and desist notice that Louis Vuitton sent to Supreme in 2000. At the time, Supreme was producing LV inspired gear and was forced to issue a recall. Now, almost 20 years later, the tables have turned. 

All the more cred is owed to Supreme for shaking it off and rising to the top. This can be seen as the ultimate comeback, and it just so happens to also create an almost mind-blowingly great collab.