Keeping it RAW with Tastemaker Collective Media (Liberty Fairs, AGENDA, Capsule)

If you want to find the best lifestyle, culture and fashion at a trade show, Liberty Fairs / AGENDA / Capsule is the place to be. This particular convention has been consistent for three years strong and brings the mesh between street wear and high contemporary brands under one roof.

Notable brands such as 424, RHUDE, 40 oz, Arc'teryx Veilance, BBC and many more has showcased high taste level collections each season they were present.

This year at Tastemaker Collective Media, we decided to finesse the convention to discover new names, and interview top brands of our interest. Top labels includes: Brownstone, OFF SAFETY by Paul Chan, UTMOST, Champion, Kollar Clothing, Lil Brims, Used Future, Manta Ops (Highsnobiety, The Incorporated) and Inimigo (see vid below).

In addition to TMCM new discoveries, we stumbled upon live installations, arcade setups and masterpieces such as Art For Africa.

Art for Africa is a new collaborative initiative to help bring awareness and funds in support of 14+ Foundation in their ventures to build and operate schools and orphanages in rural areas in Africa. Featured artist(s) Chris Succo, Daniel Winchester aka MAKEsi, Mathew Brandt, Mike Falcon, Nicholas Farhi, Nick Aguayo, Sandro Chevrier, Shun Sudo, and Yaron Michael Hakim works gave the aisle ways an element of surprise (see vid below)

As aesthetic gods / minimalist, we understand that mastering the element of surprise takes time and strategic thinking.

But sometimes, adding too many layers of thought can come back to haunt you. Some may think extra layers means texture. But after you scroll down a little bit further, you will understand that isn't exactly true. With that being said, here's an example of what NOT to do.

Drifter "VitaminD" Hoodie / Shorts

Okay.....We're gonna cut straight to the meat here. This obvious knockoff screams levels of disrespect toward the SUCCESSFUL Vetements x Champion collaboration. It really does suck to be behind on the wave..

But like we said (in the previous paragraph), extra layers equals failure. The font choice and backward champion logo was not a creative nod. It was, in fact, an extremely epic fail. Drifter use to be a semi decent brand, but these antics just put them on brands to burn immediately.

How / why was this allowed in a convention full of originality? For anyone who didn't attend, do us a favor and make this image go viral.

Aside from this catastrophe check out the full interviews and Migos performance below.