Here’s A Few Statement Pieces You Should Have In Your Suitcase For Coachella 


Headed to Coachella today...or next weekend? Here are five statement pieces you can’t leave behind:

1. Cat Eye Shades


Drag out the fierce feline sunglasses for this season’s Coachella. Following the lead of celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, sharp cat eye sunnies will be a true necessity this year. If the cat shape isn’t your favorite, just make sure you don’t leave the shades at home - the fashion statement doubles as a sun and dust guard.

2. Culottes

Not just a workplace trend - the culotte is the perfect cool-by-day, some coverage-by-night pant. Flattering on everyone, these cutely cut crops are the new short-shorts. Bonus if they have stripes! Pair them with a crop and a jacket for easy transition from the daytime lawn scene to the nighttime rave tent.

3. Dad Cap

Tastemaker Collective Dad Hat 

Tastemaker Collective Dad Hat 

Forget the flower crown - seriously. The best way to avoid the horrible mix of day-three sweat + dust + old sunscreen + spilled beer that can stop even the best blowout in its tracks? A dad cap. The dad cap style is so much more flattering than the typical baseball cap, and as bonus, they come in pastel and are adorned with cute little quips or embroidered images. Plus, they are typically cotton, which breathes much more than the polyester blend trucker hat you sported last century.

4. Strap On Sandals

I know most still associate Tevas with a 90’s dad - but it is time to rethink the strap on sandal. Not only does it stay on your foot much better than the flip-flop sandal, but it can be paired with socks without feeling like the space between your big toe and second toe is fighting to breathe.  Finally, the sole is comfortably flat but offers enough support to allow 12 straight hours of traipsing, three days in a row. 

5. Tiny Backpack

Never again will you have to lug around a shoulder or crossbody bag. The backpack has become a wardrobe staple, and they can even be in-vogue. Try leather, canvas or plastic - and just large enough to hold what you need during the day, hopefully including your water bottle. It will keep your hands free for whatever, and keep your stuff safely zipped inside. 

Now that you have your wardrobe essentials, grab the sunscreen and blankets and hit the road!