How do we feel about Alexander Wang's Skate shoe collection?

Former Balenciaga creative director Alexander Wang has embarked on a new venture - the skate shoe. The third release by adidas Originals by Alexander Wang is definitely new, and we definitely love it. 

The shoe may be built more for the runway than the skate park, but the design is something totally new. Recently it seems other shoe collaborations have become more and more overstated to outdo the competition - but this shoe is nothing if not sleek.

The shoe itself is suede, featured in black, camel and gray. The sole features a sharp herringbone pattern in a Neapolitan blend of brown, black and white. The shape of the shoe is minimalist, which forms a nice contrast with the boxy sole. 

Wang has moved on from the two previous collabs, which included the Run Clean Boosts and the BBall sneakers. This current shoe really breaks out of the typical skate shoe mold and certainly echoes Wang’s high fashion background.

The shoes are available for purchase as of April 1, and will retail for $180 a pair. However, you should act fast if you want to get your hands on a pair. The shoes are already selling out, and resale prices is certain to be sky high.