Farfetch and Gucci join for 90 minute delivery

In a world with Amazon Prime, it seems like you can get just about anything delivered to your door within two days – if not sooner. But did you ever think high fashion could be less than two hours away?

Online retailer for luxury brands Farfetch has paired with Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci to bring “store-to-door” items to consumers in 90 minutes. This service is rolling out in 10 cities around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London, Dubai, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, and Sao Paulo. 

Customers will be able to place an order of Gucci attire or accessories through the Farfetch website or app, and the items will be delivered in 90 minutes. This timeframe is the fastest delivery for luxury fashion to date, making Gucci and Farfetch ahead of the pack. 

Jose Neves, CEO and founder of Farfetch, commented:

“Time is the new luxury and one that we all want more of. At Farfetch we want to give that luxury back to our customers by making as many delivery options available as possible. If you need just the right dress or pair of shoes for dinner that night, we can make sure you have it wherever you are.” 

If you live in one of the ten lucky cities where the option is available, check it out. Unfortunately, unlike fast food, fast fashion does not come at a discounted price.