A$AP Bari Confirms the hi-top VLONE Nike Air Force 1 Release

A$AP Bari's confirms that high top version of the Nike VLONE Air Force 1 is in fact on it’s way. An exact date has not been shared at this point, but the confirmation of the shoe is welcome news to anyone who did or did not manage to snag one of the limited pairs from their recent Air Force 1 Low collaboration. 

The show is the same black and orange color palette as the last round, with the VLONE catchphrase "Every Living Creative Dies Alone" on the ankle strap. The low tops were first released for $250 but are currently being resold for $2,000. Stay tuned for more details about when the official hi-top drop will take place.  

Meanwhile the streetwear line will hit the runway in Paris for Men’s Fashion Week later this month on June 23. Bari has not yet revealed what will be shown of the VLone line at the show, but he has explained his intentions behind it. 

“I might do a denim program. I might do some leather pieces. I’m not sure. I wanted to show in Paris to see if I could complete the mission I’m going for. I’m trying to show kids that you can do anything. I’m not a kid that went to fashion school. I’m not a kid that went to college and studied fashion. I’m a kid that grew up in fashion and learned it from a life experience.”