Asap Rocky x Under Armour Is The Next Wave

There's a meme going around Instagram that I caught the other day. It was probably born of some culturally challenged individual with no fashion sense at all. But none the less, it moved me a little.

The meme said, “It used to be that North Face apparel & Reebok sneakers were exclusively for our swagless grade school teachers. Now it’s for Skepta concert goers.” I mean, my dad used to buy me Umbro’s from Big 5 when I was in middle school.

Needless to say, I hated them. But I still wore them because Dame Dash said Pop Tags and get fresh by any means. So, because they were brand new, I rocked them. Fast forward, they have a OFF WHITE collab under their belt and retailers are signing off on mad orders of Umbro apparel like track suits and soccer team’esqe jerseys.

Vetements, undisputedly one of the biggest brands of fashion today, just collaborated with reebok, undisputedly one of the most iconic brands to fall off since Allen Iverson left the NBA and New Yorkers left the main stage of Hip Hop and were replaced with rappers from Atlanta. Am I the only seasoned trend forecaster that sees a pattern here.

Take some hot shit, pair it with the wack shit or some shit that used to be hot, reinvent it and kill the game. I say that to say, I'm not surprised at this at all. Rocky for Under Armour’s lifestyle category. Im genuinely anticipating some RAF Addidas Super Duper Bulky Dad From The Future type silhouettes that seam to be trending. But I guess we all have to just wait and see.