How to not be an asshole in 2016

Hello to new beginnings! It's officially 2016! Congratulations to everyone who is alive at this particular moment. Based on December 27-31th, moon chart projections, analytics, and Twitter this year is suppose to be one of the most gloriousthus far.

Once the clock struck 12:00am, champagne bottles popped, Saucing played and "new year new me" resolutions were made all over the world. While this may sound extremely lit, these moments can go sour very quickly. And based off the title, you know where this is going. So now it's time to take it back to the basics. Whether your goals are small or grandiose here's a few ways to not be an asshole in 2016.  

Hold the door open

Hey..It's okay we know you're in rush and the meeting already started, but that caramel latte will get prepared in a timely manner. We also know that time is money and your bills need to get paid by the second. However Sarah and Peter might have an appointment scheduled at the same time that day!  

Say please, thank you, and have a nice day

This is one of the most simple gestures that has been instilled for many years, but neglecting them can quickly become a bad habit. Having good manners will get you better impressions and makeyou a more likable person. According to psychology and mass research, most people make judgments based off mannerisms and how they're treated after their first interaction. Majority of the time, this simple gesture makes their experience worthwhile. So make it a good one and be polite

Leave your house an hour in advance

This should be on top of everyone's resolution list. Unless you're on your way to the Vogue party, being punctual can keep you off the asshole radar. If you're constantly in a rush, your stress level will increase along with the asshole radar. Typically having a cushion of time will put you at ease and will allow you to have a better day.

Don't be a demanding cunt

Let's get straight to it. Here's the Tastemaker Collective Media formula to solving this problem.

1. Have Sex Daily
2. Take a few Yoga Classes
3. Wake up and smell the Folgers
4. Learn about Human Interaction (treat others how you want to be treated)
5. Drink more tea
6. Have Sex Daily
7. Read your horoscope
8. Smoke Sativa
9. Meditate
10. Talk less

Stop and smell the roses

If you have the luxury of living in a warm climate such as Los Angeles or Miami take full advantage of this opportunity. Don't worry, you won't look like a weirdo smelling them. Who knows, you might discover the next top fragrance.

Lose your EGO

Having a huge ego can, in fact destroy relationships and hold you back from accomplishing goals. The ego can keep you trapped in your own little world. While its very important to be aware of self, understanding selflessness and the bigger picture can go a long way in life (especially when it comes to team oriented situations).

Forget about Donald Trump

***Refer to the next article if you wanna know why you should. It's pretty self-explanatory though.

Make eye contact with the homeless man

In reality, most people feel uncomfortable making eye contact or even talking to a homeless person. A simple smile can go a long way.

Take constructive criticism with a grain of salt

Along with losing the ego, taking constructive criticism with a grain of salt will only make you a better person. The biggest lesson to take away from this is that someone may be more advanced with certain things or have some sort of expertise. The key is to not take it as a demand or attack.

Read a book/ Educate yourself

Books make you smarter and elevates your mind to new levels. Usually the more you read, the less you have to deal with the real assholes sitting next to you on the train in New York. If you really wanna know how to not be an asshole in 2016 keep reading ;)

Buy a Frenchie

There isn't much explanation needed for this particular topic. Everyone needs have to have a frenchie point blank. Not only will these little cute creatures get you laid, but he or she will be an icebreaker for conversation at any given moment.

Instead of crying... laugh

Frowns are eventually turned upside down if you're optimistic. Life is too short to be stressed out over small things. As Will Smith once said, "1+1equals whatever I want it be." So instead of crying when the universe throws a curveball at you, laugh and turn up on the next venture.

It's our goal to have you equipped for the new Year. So in all, take advantage of 2016!