Powerball Lottery reaches record breaking new heights with $900 million prize

This Saturday marked the drawing of the uber prized Powerball lottery, which as of now has been estimated at over $900 million. This being a new record for the national pot of lottery tickets, vendors of said tickets are having such a hard time keeping up with the demand that it has gotten to the point that many are running out of paper to print purchased tickets on.

With each ticket itself being purchased for a fee of $2, the likely hood that the ticket you purchase at the nearest Super Lotto Ticket vendor is THE ticket is placed at an odds of 1 in 292 million. Although these odds are astronomical, a lack of optimism is far from participant mind sets.

For those not knowing how the lotto system works, one purchases an official ticket at any ticket retailer (pretty much any convenience store) and you are assigned numbers on your ticket (for the most part you do not decide what numbers are on your particular ticket, you take what you are given) and at a specific time, the winning numbers for the periods jackpot prize is announced. If the number on the ticket(s) you have in your possession match the numbers that are announced, then guess what friend, you just won! And if happened to have the winning numbers that were announced this Saturday, then you won $900 million bucks! Kudos to you sir!

The question here, is why on earth has the jackpot hit its staggering peak of 900 million? The pot rises by more and more people buying into the pot. The more tickets purchased, the bigger the pot, just like when you and your buddies at work all bet on who is going to win this Sunday’s big game. The more people participating, the bigger the pile of money at stake gets. The difference between the Powerball lotto and you and your water cooler buds at work, is the entirety of 44 US states as well as 3 more US territories, and they are all throwing their hands into the pot. New meaning to the phrase, “the more the merrier”.

UPDATE 9PM : The winning jackpot numbers were 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, with the Powerball being 13. No winners were found as of yet that prove that all six of their ticket numbers match the winning digits, but in California six individuals were able to match at least 5 of the magic numbers. Close, but no cigar. If there is no winner for the ticket, and that entails the ticket owner to produce a ticket that matches all 6 magic Powerball numbers, then the pot has nowhere to go but up. Up being $1.3 billion, and it will continue to rise until all that cash finds an owner.

Fun fact, in the state of California, 80 cents of the $2 Powerball tickets sale go towards state funded education.