Do you drink enough water?

Are you a marathoner? Do you work consistently for 8 hour shifts and only consume one bottle of water? 

This may apply to you..

The average American consumes 3-4 cups of water on any given day. No matter what amount of activity we are doing on a daily basis, we should be consuming anywhere between a half-to-full gallon of water a day. Someone thats active will require a higher amount of intake as oppose to someone less active. I live in Southern California where its summer nine months out of the year. Even on a casual day, we dont into consideration how much we sweat or urinate throughout the day. If you are more on the active side, I suggest drinking a gallon of water a day (reference the chart below).


I run anywhere from 10-12 miles three days a week, while adding the gym into my regiment. I consume a gallon and a half to two gallons a day. I make up for the amount of water that my body is losing through sweat. Everyones intake is going to be different because of activity, weight, muscles, and environment. Even on alternating days, I consume at least a gallon a day. I see the difference in cognitive function from staying hydrated and very little delays in a croggy state. I am more efficient with my day when I stay away from soda and other beverages with preservatives. Ive noticed the factors of how I manage my water consumption help make a positive impact on my life. I have taken some tips from Hal Elrods Miracle Morning method of at what times it is important to drink water, those are: Drinking a glass of water before bed and immediately when you wake up in the morning.

By doing this you are increasing your cognitive state of mind once you get out of bed. You will notice that you are not dehydrated and ready to start your day the right way. I can’t stress how important it has been to increase my water intake over the last six months. I stay away from all sodas, it doesn’t even occur to me anymore. The average adults body is made up of 60% of water. That is a staggering stat considering some adults don’t even consume enough water to make up half of that amount. There are many benefits of drinking water. Water is the essence of life and how any living organism can live on this planet. We can survive 10 days without eating food but only live 2 days without water. If you have a physical goal in mind, I always suggest going for it and drink away with water.