How can weed make your life better?

There are many ways this plant can possibly improve your life. Here are the 4 meaningful ways to use marijuana to improve your wellness.

Clearing the Mind

Smoking weed has a multiplier effect. It increases an amount of endorphins (the hormones of happiness), dopamine, and serotonin, which make you more positive and happy. At the same time, marijuana also gives your body much more anandamide―the chemical that protects you from stress and anxiety. As a result, you may feel better overall and think clearly without taking tons of stress-reducing pills. According to the study made by California’s SPARC Medical Cannabis Dispensary, cannabis may be helpful if you need to “stay present.” So, one smoke of pot may become a good alternative to a few hours in a meditation room. Food for thought.

Boosting your metabolism

"Tired of trying to lose weight? Get some benefits of smoking cannabis and control your weight without diets and morning runs. According to the study, published two years ago in the American Journal of Medicine, the pot users are skinnier and have a healthier level of insulin (a hormone that is responsible for the sugar intake) than those who do not use the drug. The researchers suggested that cannabis helps activate metabolism and protects the human body from the damaging impact of sugar. It means that the chemicals in marijuana can activate metabolism and help your body to get rid of the extra weight."

Improving your health

"A number of separate studies show that cannabis can be used as a treatment for various diseases and health problems, starting from glaucoma and epilepsy to PTSD and Alzheimer’s syndrome. In most cases, weed can only reduce symptom severity, but in rare cases the plant can actually help fight the disease itself."

Staying youthful and creative

"A THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is not only the main cannabis’ psychoactive chemical. It is also an extremely powerful antioxidant that can even slow down the aging processes in your body. The marijuana usage can also help you have a better sleep by eliminating the nightmares and giving you more deep sleep time. While having a really good rest, you will stay healthier and younger than those who suffer from a lack of sleep and daily stresses. Moreover, smoking weed can increase your creative abilities."