Raise your hand if you absolutely love waking up Monday morning. I’m sure your hands are raised so high that they’re extending beyond the universe. Don’t fret; I too just love waking up each and every morning. Pssch, who are we kidding? Wouldn’t it be paradise to wake up when we chose, yet still being able to handle the necessities of life?

Normally the body wakes up when it is well rested. However, for most of us, an alarm clock has been repeatedly snoozed before we’re able to roll out of bed to the demandingness of a corporate, creative, or self-employed business world. Although work is an adamant part of living, we should never feel overwhelmed or discouraged. In fact, we should remember to seek happiness within our daily lives and designate time to have fun. Using these three simple steps, you’ll see a significant improvement in your daily productivity:

1. Operating Wardrobe 

Getting dressed should be the highlight of your day. The joy of cleansing your face and grooming your hair makes the day just that easier. Men, take out the time to select a sleeker tie. Ladies, select a shoe that pampers your confidence. Compliments on appearance bring about happiness and happiness surfaces determined effort.

2. Operation Goal Setting

After getting dressed, take a moment to clutch your favorite writing pen to jot down, very briefly, five fun goals for the day. A goal may be to make it to work seven minutes early. Another may be to double your sales goals or even give someone a hug of encouragement.

3. Operation Break Planning

Remember to always take a break. Besides your hour lunch, take two to three ten minute breaks to breathe and admire your productivity. Take a walk outside to mingle with the breeze and remind yourself of how amazing you are.

Work will always be work, we cannot change that, but our outlook is what we have full control of. Alter the way you view your day and that significant improvement will begin to hug your spirit. One last thing, please don’t forget to look in the mirror before the day is over to remind yourself of how fabulous of a job you’re doing.