Secrets of Life and Mind

The Secrets of Life: Your little world needs you now. If not now, when? If not when, how? We are born into a world whose versions are suggested to us. To see is to see, yet perception and comprehension of what is perceived are not at all givens: It appears that about 2-3 percent really get it, what is going on globally and personally, and that also appears to be, by coincidence perhaps, the percent of actual players in the game of Life and the game of People, the ones that can move the pieces around, the ones in servitude and the careful placement of leveraged power, sometimes political in background.

One would think, or should I say Juan would think, that the secrets of life would be about purpose, how we got here (and there), about mysteries we need answer,

but they are not.

The Secrets of Life are as follows: We are a type of ambulatory data-collection and simple processing function, a machine animal for do they not say the cell, brain, and body are like machines? Here we use this simile and make it metaphor.

We appear to be programmed by our emotions by a type of hypnosis, something we are slowly become aware of in the popular. We talk ourselves into things and will our emotions around. It is known that emotions like pain and fear are the way to get to people, to their Emotional Control Box, to the center of their nexus and their programming, but what about the actions taken, disregarding for now the very illusion of things as they have been painted, which they have not been. Funny how we never got a list of emotions, as if what for? We would never need them or their power: emotion, energy of motion. So we see ourselves taking in information and storing what forms patterns of interest, for our lives, but: there is a chance that too much routine and habit may dull the senses, the perception and comprehension of things.

Of course, it does not help that we have cut down 95% the Oxygen-producing machines and CO2 absorbers called "Trees," something sadly called land-clearing, but we are also removed from our Equatorial design diets: the water would have more mineral clay, like Lourdes, and the food would be cleaner and about 7 times more varied and nutritious: organic? isn't that nature's way? If humans made it, don't eat it. We also don't sleep. Before the invention of the electric light bulb the human slept 9 hours and napped, now 7 if lucky, no nap or you are "lazy." The body also needs near daily exercise, about 3 hours.So we can take ourselves to be a sending and receiving station like a radio station, the antenna perhaps our central nervous system, sure looks like it, the yogurt- like brain must be the controller. What kinds of signals do these brain-minds receive? We move the system around to take scans of all the spaces in all 15 environments we find ourselves in during our lives. The Greeks asked the question what is the good life? I thought about that for 8, 9 years, and then asked one of my own derived from that one: What must the good life be? Not only what you do, what you feel, and what you have, but since the dominant theme of Reality is connection:

What do we have to connect to this gigantic connection machine we call reality, ourselves, country, world, universe? (drum roll) And the winners are....

MIND BODY MONEY SPIRIT (richness of inner life) SOCIAL LIFE

extra credit but needed now: SPECIAL PROJECTS may we suggest Planetary Service cooperatives and living all those dreams of yesteryear: 90% of the fame and excitement comes from just being on the program! After playing basketball for 4 hours a day for 5 days a week for 6 years I was to find out I was not a six-foot eight black man! I was so angry at my parents for this, the scars are still there. But: I found out that 90% of being a pro basketball player was being on the pro basketball program or working out 3-4 hours a day.Social life you are on your own, there is like a soaked french toast towards the front of you brain that gets tons of blood and it has to do with the Human tribal-genetic pre-set system, why we constantly talk about other people and trite meaningless things, it's a tribal pre-set type of thing, stop bothering me! With practice and will power 15-30 minutes a day can be liberated to CHAMPION POWERFUL THEMES and discuss IMPORTANT TOPICS like how to help the broke who can't save and the poor. Condition your heart constantly from 18-22 years of age: this is when it gets its best lifetime conditioning, something we are told at 22! So, the department of good ideas dot com discovery is: We are most attentive and needful, when it comes to INCREASING LIFE at least for those students of life for whom concern and desire are the keys to curiosity and continued scholarship, in the areas of:


INCREASE BODY CONSTANTLY (we show you how to find the time)

INCREASE MONEY CONSTANTLY (we transition you from job to business painlessly)

Stay tuned. The thinkers and creative problem solvers are coming, are finally here.

Alien explorer, 2430 AD: They knew how; they just ran out of time

Enrique Martinez