To live at the present moment in a house of the present time – the magic of modern, contemporary homes!

 Home – a shelter for our moments, a fort for our memories, a port for our dreams, a start to our story!  A very special location that we claim for ourselves, our ‘home sweet home’ is indeed the most valuable asset. As we work hard to build a house of our dreams; the feelings of love, care and comfort fit within their walls for a lifetime.Many variations in style, design, layout and structure create diverse homes with diverse looks. With primary foundation of budget, needs, priorities and choices, one can customize one’s own dream house. Innovations and modifications in the world of architecture, interior designing, home renovations have introduced a range of options for the dweller of today. Beyond the traditional look of walls, floor, roof and rooms; houses in modern times have lot of exciting features to make living experience as totally ‘living’ by all means.

Over the years, development in the construction industry has paved way for advances in materials and methods. With the aid of modern technology and facilities to access natural resources, many new trends have gained an entry into the housing world. The aim of modern, contemporary houses is to combine all aspects of the current time into a wonderful shelter for its inhabitants. Keeping up with the pace of recent phase, contemporary homes focus on providing benefits of modern period. While merging with the needs and utilizing the provisions of today, contemporary homes are able to match with the demands of the changing era.

While walls and floor continue to mark the layout of modern homes, several interesting features add to the contemporary look. Though modification and variation are the key words of these contemporary houses, the underlining feature is convenience. Any new aspect that enters the door of these modern habitants serve utility. Though certain creative changes are made to the basic design, their aim is to depart from the traditional limitations and explore offerings of the modern times. So, what are these features that tag the modern homes as ‘contemporary’? What novelties do they introduce while fitting into the recent times?

1. Natural Light

A very prominent feature of any contemporary house is increased natural light. Designing and layout focus on bringing in maximum amount of sunlight. With large sized French-windows that touch the floor, these glass structures are able to draw sunlight into the house. Breaking the age-old dimensions of standard windows, contemporary homes experiment with diverse sizes and shapes too. With sound proof glass windows, their large sizes extends a welcome to light alone, keeping the noise at bay.

2. Natural Materials

Inspired with a need to preserve nature and safeguard its existence, contemporary homes make use of renewable resources to a very, great extent. With emphasis on use of wood, bricks, stones, glass and granite; these homes strive to minimize dependence on plastic and plastic coated features.  From wooden flooring to granite kitchen top, from brick walls to natural wood door, all the efforts are directed towards nature conservation. Solar panels over roofs are the debut features to harness this source of energy. Differing from the belief that artificial is useful, contemporary homes have reintroduced the magic of natural materials once again in the market.

3. Efficient Space Management

In today’s world where population and space constraint can pose to be probable dangers of tomorrow, contemporary homes are designed on the lines of effective space utilization. Creating sections within a room, designing wall mounted shelves, making use of multi-level racks are some of the ways to accommodate more within less. Avoiding heavy and bulky furniture of olden times, modern homes are based on light weight and easy to move accessories. Not bound by any fixed mold, contemporary homes allow flexibility to match requirements. Open kitchen within the living room, closet space behind sliding doors in the bedroom break the conventional rules of house design.

4. Freedom to experiment, customize and personalize

Contemporary homes offer the freedom of designing homes totally based on the needs of the resident. This has led to diverse styles of homes as every unit differs from the other. Be it front courtyard or back door space, be it kitchen or storage room, one can customize the space as per their need. Many homes today opt for flat roof design as compared to conventional sloping ones. With latest ideas in interior designs, it is feasible to explore numerous options that suit the layout of the house. With several features such as these; modern, contemporary homes have changed the style of dwelling today. Making adjustments to match the changing time and breaking away from the stereotypic arrangement is the need of the hour! So, what kind of houses do you like? Traditional or contemporary? Modern or age-old?