One of the best feelings is losing feelings and your attachment to somebody that isn't good to you.

Peace and Love today friends. Happy Saturday! Woke up this morning feeling amazing and with a thirst for knowledge. In the grand scheme of it all we as humans think we know everything because of our supremacy in the animal kingdom. However, we can never know enough and we are constantly changing and evolving. So what we know today will only be factual to today.

Same for people. You can never really know people, because you can never really understand a personality, figure out the words behind the emotions, or comprehend the perfections behind the imperfections. It really isn’t possible to know someone just by talking or being with him or her. To be honest, as much as we make ourselves believe that we know people, we never actually do. But, that could also mean every syllable in his mental conversation was way beyond his answer.

People exist for a reason and reasons exist for people. Individuals have different perspectives and different approaches. We can never really know people, but we can understand certain people in our lives and based on that understanding, we create wonderful relationships that promise to last. Ultimately, relationships break, not because you failed to know him or her, but because you failed to understand. Understand rather than know because the latter is within your capacity. I always stress there are terms and conditions of how we all operate under each other. As the relationship develop and grow the terms changes and evolve and so does conditions. It’s not actually true that we realize the importance of certain people in our lives when they go away. The truth is we never imagine losing them until they make it reality.

You can never really know someone completely. That’s why it’s the most terrifying thing in the world, really—taking someone on faith, hoping they’ll take you on faith too.